Numatic NRV240 Numatic RSB140 Numatic NHL15
Numatic NRV240
List Price: GBP 214.81
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 120.00
Numatic Battery RSB140
List Price: GBP 679.20
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 490.00
Numatic NHL15
List Price: GBP 1,017.60
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 810.76
Numatic PPT 220-11 Numatic Hi-Bak HB1812 Truvox Hydromist Compact HD250
Numatic PPT 220-11
List Price: GBP 221.33
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 171.00
Numatic Hi-Bak HB1812
List Price: GBP 103.40
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 81.60
Truvox Hydromist Compact HC250
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 925.00

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Numatic WVD2000DH

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List Price: GBP 1,176.24
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 832.00
Savings: GBP 344.24
Numatic WVD2000DH
The Numatic WVD2000DH wet series is the epitome of heavy duty, Duplex professional machines that have been giving users their best performance for more than 20 years. Like the full range of wets the 2000 series has been enhanced by increased efficiency in terms of wet pickup - working better and quicker than ever before.

Accessories supplied are to full 38mm (11/2inch) standard.