Numatic PPT 220-B2 Numatic NRV200
Numatic PPT 220-12
List Price: GBP 221.33
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 140.00
Numatic NRV200
List Price: GBP 214.81
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 102.00
Numatic Twintec Battery - TTB 6055
List Price: GBP 5,892.91
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 3,595.00
Numatic MidMop MMT 1616 Numatic NHL15 Numatic Twintec TT4045
Numatic - MidMop MMT 1616
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 90.00
Numatic NHL15
List Price: GBP 1,017.60
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 678.00
Numatic TT4045
List Price: GBP 2,142.29
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 1,339.00

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Numatic WVD2000DH

List Price: GBP 1,176.24
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 745.00
Savings: GBP 431.24
Numatic WVD2000DH

Cleancare Range - Wet or Dry Vacs -

Numatic WVD2000DH

The Numatic WVD2000DH
wet series is the epitome of heavy duty, Duplex professional machines that have been giving users their best performance for more than 20 years. Like the full range of wets the 2000 series has been enhanced by increased efficiency in terms of wet pickup - working better and quicker than ever before.

Accessories supplied are to full 38mm (11/2inch) standard.