Numatic RSB140 Numatic NHL15 Numatic TTB1840
Numatic Battery RSB140
List Price: GBP 679.20
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 465.00
Numatic NHL15
List Price: GBP 1,017.60
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 740.00
Numatic Twintec Battery - TTB1840
List Price: GBP 2,203.10
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 1,550.00
Numatic NRV200
Numatic NRV200
List Price: GBP 214.81
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 110.00
Numatic Twintec Battery - TTB 6055
List Price: GBP 5,892.91
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 3,920.00
Numatic NuKeeper Low NKL16/HF
List Price: GBP 622.50
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 430.00

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Numatic WVD900

List Price: GBP 684.32
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 480.00
Savings: GBP 204.32
Numatic WVD900

Cleancare Range - Wet or Dry Vacs -

Numatic WVD900-2

The Numatic WVD900 is a large wet or dry machine designed to be at home in any industrial environment being on a building site, factory floor or farm.

Structofoam is used as the main construction material embodying all the strength needed for bigger machines, yet without weight penalty. It is super tough. It does not dent, scratch or deteriorate and yet it is lightweight and resists all standard cleaning chemicals.

This wet or dry vacuum cleaner comes with its own unique tipping emptying system designed for ease of use.

The Numatic WVD900-2 comes with two motors designed with a side cooling system so will not over heat even under the toughest conditions and with the new plugin replaceable cable system on the 240v version means that this machine is easy to maintain and designed to last.

The Included accessories for the Numatic WVD900-2 are made out of stainless steel so you don't have to worry about corrosion or rust. It comes with the larger 38mm 2.4m hose and the 38mm 3-piece Stainless Steel Wand so you can pickup larger rubble and helps prevent this machine clogging up especially when used on site. Everything about this machine is designed to last.

This machine also gives you the choice of using either the Permatex Filter or the Wet Float designed to be used for either wet or dry use depending on which one you choose.

You also get the ProFlo 400mm Dry Brush Nozzle (38mm) and the ProFlo 400mm Wet Nozzle (38mm) so you can switch between the two depending on weather your using it for wet or dry pickup.