Numatic TTB1840 Numatic Twintec TT4055
Numatic NuKeeper Low NKL16/HF
List Price: GBP 622.50
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 438.00
Numatic Twintec Battery - TTB 1840
List Price: GBP 2,203.10
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 1,383.00
Numatic TT4055
List Price: GBP 2,497.01
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 1,580.00
Numatic TTB4055 Numatic NHL15
Numatic Twintec Battery - TTB 6055
List Price: GBP 5,892.91
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 3,490.00
Numatic Twintec Battery - TTB4055
List Price: GBP 4,186.74
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 2,525.00
Numatic NHL15
List Price: GBP 1,017.60
Sale Price Inc VAT: GBP 659.00

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Numatic PPR200

List Price: GBP 185.71
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Savings: GBP 69.71
Numatic PPR200

Commercial Dry Vacs - Numatic PPR 200-12

The Numatic PPR 200 ProVac plugged rewind dry vacuum is a professional commercial grade, tough and versatile machine designed at home in any office or professional cleaning needs.

The plugged cable rewind system means that even in the toughest use this machine can be maintained onsite within minuets and can be back in use quickly and allows simple cable replacement if needed.

You also get a full kit with this machine that includes everything you may need for day to day use. This includes the Numatic 32mm Flo Max Conical Hose 2.4m, 32mm 3-Piece Stainless Steel wand, Numatic 290mm Combination Floor Tool 32mm, Tritex Filter and various hand tools.